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Search The Scriptures

The Scriptural and profoundly simple approach to connecting God’s people personally to God’s Word

They received the word with all readiness of mind, and searched the scriptures daily.
Acts 17:11

The Bible, as we know, is full of exhortations to dwell upon its Truth, and Search the Scriptures provides the privilege of purposeful, personal Bible study to believers who desire to develop a proper, serious relationship with the Word of God. Through Search the Scriptures many have learned to enjoy the precious experience of mining great Truth from God’s Book.

Each month, a passage of Scripture is selected which will be the focus of the study for that month. Participants will read the passage at least once each day, jotting down notes, and highlighting passages of particular interest as they read it over again each day. The accompanying study guide will help to slow readers down and give them places to stop and think on the truths of the text. As the month continues, each person will complete as many study guide questions as they are reasonably able. At the end of the month, the group meets to discuss the passage, centering their conversations on the study questions everyone has been working through.

Personal Time

Search the Scriptures takes a smaller, digestible passage of Scripture and allows a Bible student to meditate on it every day for an entire month, which in turn will open the Bible’s treasures. This is a ready-made tool in the hands of a pastor to quickly and easily plug his people directly into the Bible itself, not simply a book about the Bible.

Group Time

This discussion time is the key, final step in the meditation process where a person cements the things they have learned, as well as combining the contributions of others together with their own diligent work. The result is authentic fellowship and a phenomenal grasp of a passage. Furthermore, the excitement over diving into another passage of God’s Word is only increased.

Church Partners

Volusia County Baptist Church, Orange City, FL
Maranatha Baptist Church, Sissonville, WV
Mt. Olivet Baptist Church, Chesapeake, VA
Bible Truth Baptist Church, Athens, OH
Bethel Baptist Church, Greenfield, IN
Ripley Baptist Temple, Ripley, WV
Oasis Church, Winter Haven, FL
Joy Baptist Church, Hull, GA

As every believer has a desire to know the Bible, I think every pastor wants his people to search the Scriptures for themselves as well as listen to the preached Word. There are times we get our folks excited about Bible study but frequently they do not have a plan. All too often their enthusiasm wanes because they have no direction.

Search The Scriptures is a personalized method of getting into the Word in order to get out of the Word insights that will make the Bible come alive with practical truths that affect every day living.

It is a joy to have people reading, meditating, and incorporating the Scriptures into their lives. It is refreshing to hear them share with others truth the Holy Spirit leads them to as they focus on the blessed Word of God.

Dr. John Reynolds

Senior Pastor, Volusia County Baptist Church, Orange City, FL

I am so delighted with the impact of Search the Scriptures study program in my church and my own devotional life. I am seeing believers of all ages and all spiritual maturity levels actually studying the Bible – not just reading it. Frankly, I am a bit embarrassed that I had not already provided our church family a simple “how to study the Bible” plan. Reading and memorizing the Word is good and appropriate; but, studying and meditating on the Word is way Christians grow strong in the Lord.

Pastor Kevan Bartlett

Senior Pastor, Maranatha Baptist Church, Sissonville WV

Study Guide

Download our basic information packet to get a more detailed look at Search the Scriptures. Included in the packet is a thorough program description, a general how-to for program implementation, the simple enrollment procedure with associated cost, as well as a sample study guide from the Epistle to Philemon. Nothing can replace a face-to-face testimonial about Search the Scriptures from a pastor or lay person already involved, but this will be a good start toward understanding what is involved in utilizing this tremendous tool for getting people personally connected and growing in God’s Word.



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